The very first game released by the semi-talented staff at Riviera Software since the mid-90's.

It's five weeks into zombie outbreak hell.  You are Sean Page, a former NSA operative assigned to a task force.  Your mission is to investigate an electronic signal sent out from a facility in the zombie-infested Tempest City.  It's your job to make sure you and your teammates get out alive.


Designed primarily with action in mind rather than survival horror, Tempest City is a moody, adrenaline-filled top-down shooter.  The action is fast paced and the zombies are unforgiving, but you have a keen eye and a sizeable arsenal of weapons at your disposal as you progress through the storyline.

The game features sixteen intense levels spread across Tempest City, including deserted streets, empty diners, office buildings, warehouses, and a sprawling research facility.

At your fingertips are a total of no less than 16 different weapons, each with their own sounds and unique animations. These include:

Para Ordnance P14
FN FiveseveN
IMI Desert Eagle
HK USP Compact
Glock 17
Kimber Custom Eclipse
Beretta 90-TWO
Steyr TMP
HK 416
Colt M16A3
Colt Commando
Remington 1100

Tempest City features cutscenes with each level that provide character interaction and advance the plot.  There are two different endings to earn.  In addition, five bonus levels are available to unlock allowing you to replay certain levels with different characters.



Update List


ALPHA 1.02
- Fixed save system
- Added in-game help file
- Added scene/level select available upon completion of good ending
- Fixed bug sending good ending to bad ending credits
- Fixed Music Room link not working
- Added ten more seconds to level 16's time limit
- Increased rate of fire on M16A3
- Allowed cutscenes to be skipped upon any key pressed

ALPHA 1.01
- Fixed bug with not saving on level 5
- Stopped bullets from entering unopened rooms on level 14
- Improved main menu logo
- Fixed reload speed on Remington 1100

ALPHA 1.00
- First release!