Riviera Software's sophmore offering is the top-down shooter Escape From Camp 22.  This game places you as a security guard on the run from North Korea's largest and most notorious prison camp, camp 22.

Unlike the straight shooting of Tempest City, Escape from Camp 22 utilizes a hide and attack system for combat.  Targets will be unable to hit you if you hide behind a crate, barrel, or other handy piece of hard cover.  Mouse aiming using a floating iron sight now makes hitting your targets easier than ever.

An undetermined amount of levels and weapons are in the making.  Current weapons include the Tokarev TT, the SKS, AK47, and AKS74U.  Upcoming
weapons include the Saiga 12 shotgun, Abakan assault rifle, and the RPK heavy
machine gun.


The demo is available and contains the first two levels of the game.  The first four weapons are available to use and you have unlimited health and ammo.