Brrrtrttrtttrttrit! Tango down! Everybody remembers the good old days of the original Rainbow Six and its expansion, Rogue Spear (although Eagle Watch was first). Regardless, we're now looking at the most recent Tom Clancy Shooter, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.


Every weapon except the grenade launcher (no grenade launchers in Rainbow Six, I'm afraid) has been changed, as well as the reload sounds.  This sound pack comes in two flavors: Recon Red and Ballistic Blue.  Recon Red has a more Rainbow Six/realism feel to it, and most of the guns reuse the sounds from their counterparts.  Ballistic Blue pulls out the heavy guns and turns the game into a warzone.  Feel free to try both out, and enjoy the preview video.


version history

1.0 release!
1.1 some sound bugs fixed
2.0 Sound Cache included, major sound bugs fixed
V2 for LEFT 4 DEAD 2
for LEFT 4 DEAD 1